Once an invoice for a custom sign has been approved and paid for you will be liable for that order and unfortunately we will not be able to offer a refund from this point. If in an unlikely event there is a fault with the sign within the warranty you will be eligible for a replacement free of charge. Each sign is hand made with lots of care and attention and thoroughly  tested before it leaves our doors so you shouldn't have any problems.

Standard Designs

If in an unlikely event your light is faulty we will replace the product if within the warranty period free of charge.

The warranty does only covers products installed and maintained in accordance with the instructions provided by us.


All lights and signs come with a minimum of a 1 year warranty.  Please read how to care for your light to prolong it's lifespan.

How to care for your led light

All our signs are built to last the test of time, hand made with the highest specifications of materials and components. With the right care you should expect your sign to work for up to 10 years plus.

Switching off overnight

We recommend you switch off your sign during the night to let the led's and driver rest. 


We supply fixings for mounting or suspending your sign.  Please ensure you follow the instruction manual which is supplied with the light. The acrylic is supplied with pre-cut fixing holes to assist with mounting.  Please DO NOT attempt to drill any additional holes or cut the acrylic.

We also supply a microfiber cloth to keep the acrylic clean and transparent.


Each light comes with a standard 2m transparent output cable with a small connector which fits into a slimline driver with an additional 1.5m black flex and plug. 


We mostly use high spec syndeo drivers which enable us to easily add an on / off and light dimming function if required as well as other accessories such as movement sensors and more.  This system can work particularly well for events when wanting to power more than one sign with one power supply.

Trade Prices

We offer discounted prices for repeat and bulk orders.  Please get in touch to discuss your options.  Contact details below


0161 549 9875

How are the custom signs priced

The price depends on amount of characters used, overall size, and the complexity of the design.